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We have the most advanced Karaoke system in the lower mainland; our state-of-the art Karaoke system has over 100,000 songs and is fully portable. Singers have a big 24” inch screen to read song lyrics as well as an audio monitor so they can hear how they sound. We can also add effects such as reverb and delay to make the vocals sound great. We use nothing but the finest audio equipment to ensure the best audio quality for your event. We provide songbooks for the guests to look through, but we can also accommodate requests that don’t appear in the books, as we have access to an online catalogue of the newest music that we can download on the fly. We can also provide options such as a projector and screen for your audience to read the lyrics and participate. We can also provide up to 4 wireless microphones for Duets and groups, as well as mood lighting to illuminate the singer.

We are available for one-off events such as birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings or for regular nights. Karaoke nights help bring more business into your Pub/Club, we can also provide marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and even a web page to help you get the word out at very competitive prices. We have the most competitive rates in the business so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for a quote, as we can accommodate almost any budget. Please use our convenient online bookings form to fill out all the relevant information for your event. Thanks for considering Presto Entertainment for your next Karaoke Event!

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