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All of our Deejays got their start playing in nightclubs and bars all over BC so they are right at home in this environment. Whether you want someone to provide dinner music for seated guests, or you need an experienced crowd-moving DJ for a busy nightclub, Presto can make it happen. Presto currently has DJ’s in many of Vancouver’s best known Bars and they keep hiring us again and again, which I believe speaks for itself. We are established professionals in the industry.

Many restaurants hire a DJ in the summer months during their peak season. This is a great way to give your guests some added value and create a party atmosphere in your establishment. It also goes a long way to keeping your guests longer, hence encouraging them to spend more on drinks and food. Also, on special evenings such as New Years Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, or around Halloween, it’s good to do a little something extra, and our DJ’s are experts with all kinds of theme nights. We can cater to just about any type of establishment.

We can also bring sound systems of any size and can tie into the house system if possible. We are formally trained in sound engineering, so getting the best sound in any room is part of the package we provide. We also offer consulting services for Establishments who wish to acquire sound systems or repair or upgrade existing systems.

Our “No-Nonsense” policy means you tell the DJ what YOU want, and that’s what he will provide. No egos, no attitude. We have taken on everything from one-off events, to yearly commitments. We can also provide you with marketing materials for your special event, to help you get the word out; such as posters, flyers, business cards and even web-pages designed by our in-house webmaster.

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