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Dave was 100% awesome to detail with Dave went above and beyond the role of a Dj we had him Mc our wedding we very much enjoyed his positive attitude and enthusiasm. everyone at our wedding and I do mean everyone was absolutely blown away by his hard work ethic and attention to detail. My wife and I enjoyed getting to know Dave in the few times we met to discuss the detailed scheduled of our wedding it didn’t feel like strictly business Dave was wonderful to just chat with. That being said Dave thoroughly went over our wedding schedule down to the minute to make sure he knew what was going on at all times. Dave was in contact with every one of our vendors to make sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Dave also had some help with him that night, Dj Glorious killed it spinning tunes all night catering to everyones tastes country, classics, oldies, 90s pop, 2000’s, or good old rock n roll he kept all our guest very happy. all in all fantastic job from both Dave and Dj Glorious.

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