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Presto Entertainment Agreement

This is a legal & binding agreement between Presto Entertainment &  

whom will be referred to herein as the client in this contract.

Presto Entertainment agrees to the following terms of service:

  1. The Events will take place on  
  2. The Location will be  
  3. Be ready to play music from   to  
  4. These times denote our contractual obligation to the client. Presto Entertainment must be informed of any time changes to the agreement
  5. Be set up prior to scheduled start time. DJ will arrive 30-60 minutes before scheduled start time for set-up
  6. Use only professional sound and lighting (if required) equipment
  7. Supply a DJ that will conduct him/herself professional manner
  8. Supply a DJ that will be dressed appropriately
  9. Play appropriate music requests
  10. Contact the client to go over any music selections

The Client agrees to the following terms of service:

  1. Provide Presto Entertainment with a non-refundable deposit of  in the form of cash, cheque or credit card payment to reserve a DJ for the date & time listed above (Cheques are payable to Presto Entertainment)
  2. Provide us with the balance of on scheduled date of each event (by cash, cheque, Visa or Mastercard). Late payment is subject to an additional $50 late penalty. Penalty is assessed only if payment is not made by or on date of event. Please note: N.S.F. payment will be subject to a $25.00 service charge (plus GST). An additional 5% interest will be charged if the balance remains unpaid 15 days after the event date and every month In the event collections is necessary, the client will incur all costs in respect to that process.
  3. Provide dinner for the DJ
  4. Provide a skirted and clothed table minimum 6 feet in length for setup of the DJ equipment. Table should be rectangular in shape
  5. Provide an adequate grounded power supply for DJ If power outlet is more than 25 ft from where DJ is to be set up an extension will be provided by the venue/client for easy access to the DJ
  6. Should additional time be required you will be charged the rate of $150 per hour. 
  7. If early set up is required the above terms stated rates will apply. System needs to be attended by a member of Presto's staff for insurance purposes
  8. Pay or cover any expenses that are incurred by Presto including any outside/unknown fees that may be E.g. Any parking charges (not including parking fines), any licensing fees required by the hall or facility where the reception is to be held or any service provider’s fee required by the hall or facility where the reception is to be held. Should no such charges are incurred by Presto, no additional charges will added to your invoice. Should Presto incur additional charges, Presto agrees to provide proof of additional expense in respect to your function.
  9. Inform Presto regarding any changes to event information, email address, address, phone number, Any changes must be authorized and confirmed by Presto administration.

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Signed by Shawn McQuaid
Signed On: May 28, 2024

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